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The Association publishes a quarterly Newsletter which includes articles and detailed accounts of all material submitted for cataloguing. Also included are Main Lines of subscribers and copies of index files. The annual subscription is $15 and $20 for international (other than USA), renewable on January 1st of each year. To subscribe contact Peter Whitlock.

Newsletter Archive: 1985-2004
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ArticleWhitlock / FamilyIssue
Alley, Carol Beth (Canning) (1921-1998)(North Aston, Oxfordshire Whitlock descendant)Mar, 1999
Ambassador Whitelocke(Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675)Mar, 1986
Apprentices & Masters(Bonds 1666-1870)Mar, 1994
Australian Pen-Pal(Beatrix Spurling)Jun, 1996
Bailey, Beryl Fay (1933?-2003)(of Burgessville, Ontario, obit)Mar, 2004
Bastardy Bonds(Elizabeth Witlock, 1783)Dec, 1990
Bennet of Mortlake, Surrey(Connection to Bulstrode Whitelocke)Mar, 1993
Bennett of Virginia(Connection to Bulstrode Whitelocke)Jun, 1986
Bernau Index(Chancery & Exchequer Court index)Jun, 1994
Bible Christians of North Devon, The(Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon)Dec, 2001
Books, Whitlock(Ralph Whitlock's A Family and a Village)Jun, 1994
British Mercantile Claims(Revolutionary War records)Jun, 2001
Bulstrode, Whitelocke (1650-1724)(Essays published 1724)Sep, 2002
Causey, George - Buffalo Hunter(re Vivian H. Whitlock’s book)Sep, 2002
Census, A Time Capsule(Whitlocks of Pitton, Wiltshire)Jun, 1986
Census Extracts Index Jun, 1986
Census Index Jun, 1986
Centralia Massacre, The(Civil War Battle, re William T. Whitelock)Sep, 2003
Christmas 1613(James Whitlock 1570-1632)Dec, 1985
Coats of Arms Jun, 1985
Coeur-Barron, Neil Hamilton(Descendant of Fredrick & Charlotte (Oliver) Whitlock)Sep, 1999
Cohoe, Margaret Manthorpe (1917-2002)(nee James of Kingston, Ontario, obit)Dec, 2002
Cole/Barnum/Whitlock in Bethel, Ct(Connections between the three families)Sep, 2004
Coleman Family of Mobjack Bay, Virginia(Book by Sherry Nicol re Grizel Coleman 1705-1759)Sep, 1998
Corse, Elizabeth Catlin(Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin's grandaughter)Dec, 1990
Cox-Bentley-Whitlock Reunion(William & Mary (Rowntree) Whitlock of SC)Mar, 2002
Curtis, Audrey B. Sep, 1996
Diary - Windows to History(Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675)Sep, 1989
Dixon Family(Edward Dixon 1602-1655 of Hilden, Kent)Jun, 1998
Domesday Book AD1086(Aelfric & Wihtlac of Hampshire)Dec, 1986
Draft Registration Cards(Example of 1942 American Draft Cards)Mar, 1995
Dream Woman?(Ad in May 1760 Gentleman's Magazine)Dec, 1992
Dupre, Elizabeth(Wife of Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Virginia)Jun, 1998
Early Massachusetts Whitlocks(re John Whitlock & Rose Whitlock, 1643)Dec, 1991
Eastin, Sarah (Whitlock)(Marr. Thomas Eastin abt 1744, Albemarle, Va)Mar, 1997
Edwards, Polly (Whitlock) - Wilson Co., Tn(Daughter of Thomas & Susannah (Webb) WhitlockDec, 2004
18C Virginia Newspapers(Various 1770-1798)Jun, 1988
1831 - The Forgotten Census(Re William Whitlock of Essex)Mar, 1997
1838 Petition(William C. Whitlock 1788-1876)Mar, 1986
1848 "Dear Parents" Letter(Samuel Whitlock from Cleveland to Langtree)Dec, 1996
Ellis, Diary of Richard, 1870(Rev. Allen Whitlock 1823-1875)Dec, 1990
Family History Fun(Poem by Sheila Pike)Jun, 1995
Farley Church, Wiltshire(Agnes d. of Stephen Whitlock)Jun, 1991
Fawley Court(Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675)Jun, 1989
Fifty, The(Devon to PEI 1831)Mar, 1991
Fowler, John, Will of 1833(Union Co., SC re William Whitlock)Sep, 1997
Hereditary Disease(Cerebellar/ataxia in WHITLOCK25 family)Jun, 2002
Hill, Lottie (1902-1994) Jun, 1995
Horse Thief!(George Whitlocke of Kent,1598)Mar, 1991
How Many Thomas's?(Thomas Whitlock 1615-1659 & son of Va.)Mar, 1985
Illinois Pioneers(Certificates for descendants)Mar, 1992
Improbable Find, The(Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675)Jun, 1985
Irish Reunion(Whitlocks of Armagh Co., Ireland)Dec, 1986
Kentucky Land Grants & Warrants(List of Whitlocks 1805-1894)Jun, 1994
Knox - Martin - Whitlock Families(Book by Jeanne Waters Strong re Whitlocks of Ct)Jun, 2000
Kroeson of Bucks Co., Pa(1773 NJ document)Mar, 1993
Langtree, Devon Whitlocks, Which Way Now?(Connection of Thomas Whitlock to wife Mary Heaman)Mar, 1998
Letter From Home, 1887(William Whitelock of Pickering, Yorkshire)Mar, 2001
Little Lion(Book by Brand Whitlock 1937)Jun, 2002
London, 1900 Directory of(Businesses listed in City Directory)Mar, 1994
Lonely Graves(George A. Whitlock 1854-1872, Australia)Sep, 1988
Longevity in America(Stats from American Death Master File)Dec, 1993
Loyalist Wronged(John Whitlock, Picton, Ontario 1841)Jun, 1987
Lutz, June Louise (Shaull) (1924-1999)(Solomon & Rosana (Whitlock) Schrodes M1824)Sep, 1999
Manorial Rolls(Pitton & Farley, Wilts 1700's)Jun, 1993
Microfilms Mar, 1988
Microfilms Jun, 1989
Nance, Sherwood b.1754(re entry in Whitlock-Bentley-Cox family Bible)Sep, 2000
New Brunswick Bible(Thomas & Ann (Taylor) Whitlock (M1752) of Pa)Jun, 2002
1900 U.S. Census Dec, 1987
Origin of Whitlock, The(Work done by Jim Whitelock)Dec, 1993
Original Sources(Additional detail in Parish Registers)Sep, 1994
Ouseley, Sir Frederick(Frederick Ouseley 1825-1889 of Tenbury)Mar, 1992
P.E.I. Mystery(Charles Whitlock 1785?-1855 of P.E.I.)Sep, 1986
Pension Records(Obtaining US Pension records)Mar, 1992
Philadelphia to New Brunswick 1783(Thomas & Ann (Taylor) Whitlock, Loyalists)Mar, 2001
Photographers Jun, 1989
Quacking Dalilahs(Rev. John Whitlock d.1709)Sep, 1987
Quakers of Yorkshire & Pennsylvania(William & Dorothy (Rhodes) Whitelock (M1660))Jun, 2001
Queen’s Rangers, The(Captain John Whitlock 1749?-1832)Jun, 2004
Radosevic, Elaine 1921-1995 Dec, 1995
Really Stuck?(John Whitlock 1802-1840 of Langtree)Sep, 1985
Reminiscences(William Whitelock of Manitoba)Sep, 1985
Research Tips(Use of “local expert” & professional researchers)Dec, 1998
Reunion 1990(Plymouth, Devon)Jun, 1989
Reunion, Whitlock(Greenburg, Kentucky June 30,1991)Jun, 1991
Reunion, S.C. Whitlocks(Enoree, S.C. Jul.25,1992)Jun, 1992
Reunion, Va/Ky Whitlocks(Lebanon, Ky Jul.25,1995)Mar, 1995
Reunion, Va/Ky Whitlocks(Columbia, Ky Jul.5,1997)Mar, 1997
Rubert, Helen(Helen Rubert 1902-1992 of Kalamazoo)Mar, 1992
Silverton Appeal(Oregon Newspaper 1898-1908)Jun, 1989
Spangler’s of Floyd Co., Virginia(Elinas Logan & Octavia (Spangler) Whitlock (M1835))Mar, 2004
Spy House, The(Home of Thomas Whitlock 1620?-1703)Sep, 1992
Spy House, The(Home of Thomas Whitlock 1623?-1703) changing futureSep, 2004
Subscribers 1991 Mar, 1991
Sugaring Off(Whitlocks of Langtree & Ontario)Mar, 1997
Swedish Whitlocks(Descent from Richard Whitlock 1564-1624)Dec, 1988
Tennessee Whitlocks(Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock family)Jun, 1987
Texas Pension Application(Robert Whitlock, Liberty Co., Oct.1870)Sep, 1997
Timberlake, Francis, Will of 1807(of Hanover Co., Va re daughter Polley Whitlock)Sep, 2000
Titchfield Settlement Examination(Re Stephen Whitlock of Hound, Wilts 1784)Jun, 1995
Tracing Peter Whitlock(Peter, brother of Pamela Whitlock)Jun, 1990
Undutiful Diana(Will of Sir William Whitelocke 1712)Mar, 1986
Unpublished Diary, The(Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675)Mar, 1987
Vicar of Ashford, Kent(Richard Whitlock 1616-1666)Sep, 1987
Virginia Research(REF78, Pearl Olsen papers)Dec, 1993
Virginia Research (Cont)(REF112, Pearl Olsen papers)Jun, 1994
Virginia Taxpayers 1782-1815(Hanover Co., Va taxpayers 1782-1815)Mar, 1992
Wagoner, John F. (1830-1905)(Charles Francis & Jessie Candace (Wagoner) Whitlock)Mar, 2004
War of 1812(List of 20 Whitlocks who served)Dec, 1994
War of 1812 - Pension Files(List from book by Virgil D. White)Jun, 1996
Webbs, John, Will of 1794(of Halifax Co., Virginia)Jun, 1997
West Whitlock Recreation Area(Re John & Agnes (Nicol) Whitlock of South Dakota)Mar, 2001
Whatlocks of Rattlesden(Suffolk families in 1500's)Mar, 1993
Which Sarah?(Olmstead or Tean, Connecticut 1775)Sep, 1989
Whitlock,Aaron Couch (1787-1849)(of Ephratah, Fulton Co., New York)Mar, 2000
Whitlock, Abel Family Bible(-M- Phoebe Birchard 1785, Connecticut)Mar, 1997
Whitlock, Agnes 1491(Will of Agnes Whitloke of Canterbury)Mar, 1988
Whitloke, Agnes will of 1491(Agnes (de la Beche??) Whitloke)Dec, 1987
Whitlocke, Albert, Goldsmith(of St.John Zachary, London d.1572)Jun, 1992
Whitlock, Ambrose(Founder of Crawfordville, 1823)Dec, 1989
Whitlock, Ann of Downton, Wilts(re will dated Sep.16,1767 pr Apr.2,1771)Mar, 1995
Whitlock-Beggs, 1930(James & Eveline (Beggs) Whitlock of Rock Falls,Il)Dec, 2003
Whitlock, Benj. R. - Mortgage(Green Co., Kentucky, 1843)Sep, 1991
Whitlock, Bobby, Musician(Career notes 1960's-1990's)Mar, 1998
Whitlock/Boothe(Query re Winfrey Whitlock of Edgefield, SC)Sep, 1995
Whitlock, Boudinot("Boot" of Oklahoma)Sep, 1991
Whitlock, Bowen(of North Carolina & Tennessee)Mar, 1994
Whitlock, Brand in Belgium(Stereo-scope of Brand Whitlock & President Wilson)Mar, 2002
Whitelocke, Bulstrode (1605-1675)(Engraving from Memoirs of Bulstrode Whitelocke)Jun, 1994
Whitelocke, Bulstrode (1605-1675)(Writer, Historian, Parliamentarian)Dec, 1994
Whitelocke, Bulstrode d.1688(Killed at Cirencester, Glocs)Sep, 1992
Whitlock Car Sep, 1985
Whitlock Car Mar, 1988
Whitlock Car Mar, 1989
Whitlock Car Photographs Sep, 1990
Whitlock Cemetery, Green Co., Illinois(Henry B. Whitlock’s farm)Dec, 2004
Whitlock, Christopher, Shipowner(Owner of the Garland, 1619)Jun, 1990
Whitlock, Charles Edward, will of(Married Elizabeth Kemble 1785)Jun, 2003
Whitlock, Chas & Doreen(of Bethnal Green, London 1970)Dec, 1998
Whitlock's Clipper Packets(William Whitlock's ships)Dec, 1993
Whitlock Data Base and Computer Systems(Re Web Site in South Africa)Sep, 1999
Whitlock, Dave, Racecar Driver(of Petrolia, Ontario)Jun, 1999
Whitlock Derek Frederick (1934-2002)(of Saltash, Cornwall, obit)Jun, 2003
Whitlock Dinkum Digger(Whitlocks of Great Yeldham, Essex)Sep, 2001
Whitlock, Capt. Edmond(1564-1608)Sep, 1991
Whitlock, Edward 1790?-1804(Charles E. & Elizabeth (Kemble) Whitlock)Mar, 1996
Whitlock, Edward Joseph (1913-2001)(Descendant of William D. Whitlock (1799?-1842))Jun, 2001
Whitlock, Edwin of Milton Malsor, NTH(Thomas & Prudence (Palmer) Whitlock (M1833))Dec, 1998
Whitlock, Elias, Will of 1848(of Orange Co., Ohio)Dec, 1999
Whitlock, Elias Letter 1877(Jun.20,1877 letter from Piqua, Ohio)Dec, 1994
Whitlock, Elizabeth Kemble(1761-1836 Actress)Dec, 1992
Whitlock, Elizabeth - The Original Fat Lady(P.T. Barnum Circus 1890)Mar, 2001
Whitlock, Emmy Mae (1882-1908)(of Cobb Co., Georgia, contract for care)Dec, 1997
Whitlock, F.W., M.D.(of Wichita, Kansas b.1825, Germany)Mar, 1987
Whitlock, Frederick Albert Henry (1910-2004)(of Southampton, England, obit)Sep, 2004
Whitlock, George of Langtree(Bideford Gazette 1870-1888)Dec, 1990
Whitlock, George L., Poet(The Lavender Seller from Kansas Magazine 1942)Sep, 1994
Whitelock, George of Olds(1893 Letter from Olds, Alberta)Dec, 1991
Whitlock Golf Course(re Hudson Heights, Quebec Loyalist family)Mar, 1995
Whitlock Golf Course Items(Pro-shop items available through WFA)Sep, 1999
Whitlock, Grizel, Will of 1759(of Goochland Co., Virginia)Jun, 1997
Whitlock, Grizel, Inventory of 1759(of Goochland Co., Virginia)Sep, 2001
Whitlock Itinerary(Tour of the Oxford/London area)Sep, 1996
Whitlock, Harold (1893-1987)(of Louisville, Kentucky)Jun, 1987
Whitlock, Harold - Race Walker(Hector Harold Whitlock of London, England)Mar, 2003
Whitock, Harry, Hamburg, Mi 1894(Poisoned by Mrs. Butler)Dec, 2004
Whitlock, Henry, Coachbuilder(re Henry Whitlock of Chiswick, London)Dec, 1991
Whitlock, Henry B. (1799-1871)(of Greene Co., Illinois - murdered)Dec, 2004
Whitlock, Henry & Lorenzo - San Benito, Ca(1875 petty larency issues)Sep, 2002
Whitlock, Howard Percival (1913-1998)(of Wanganui, New Zealand)Mar, 1999
Whitlock Itinerary(Tour of the Oxford/London area)Sep, 1996
Whitlock, James (1570-1632)(Portrait in National Portrait Gallery)Sep, 1994
Whitlock, James of Plumas Co., California(Origin of place names in Arizona)Sep, 1998
Whitlock, James of Prussia??(re James Whitlock of Gloc. Co., Va)Dec, 1988
Whitlock, James of Surry Co. NC(re will of Philip Howard 1808 step father-in-law)Dec, 1994
Whitlock, James of Virginia(re James Whitlock of Gloc. Co., Va)Dec, 1990
Whitlock, James - Rev. War Pension(Born 1762 Goochland Co., Va)Dec, 1996
Whitelock, James (1940-1997)(of Plymouth, Devon, obit)Dec, 1997
Whitlock, Jane (1739-1794)(of Yorkshire, by Raymond Skinner) Dec, 1987
Whitlock, Jean Elsie (Margetson) (1927-2000)(re Robert & Susanna (Tisdale) Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts)Mar, 2001
Whitlock Jewelry Store, Eufaula, Alabama(1860's re John Henry Whitlock of Vermont)Dec, 2004
Whytelock, John, Alwington, Devon 1524(Early John Whitlocks in Devon 1430-1581)Dec, 2003
Whitlock, John, Stationer(1650's-1696 of St.Martin Ludgate)Sep, 1992
Whittelock, John, Will of 1759(of Wadmalaw, SC, labourer)Sep, 1997
Whitlock, John, Tavern Keeper(Ferryman of Tappahannock, Va 1767)Mar, 1992
Whitelocke, General John(1758-1833)Mar, 1990
Whitlock, Capt. John(1748?-1832 Loyalist from Massachusetts)Jun, 1985
Whitlock, John of Pitton, Wilts, Will of 1816(John Whitlock who married Phebe Redman 1757)Jun, 2002
Whitlock, John & Hannah Burkett of Va(Marriage licence 1821)Dec, 1999
Whitlock, Dr. John M.(Died Fort Stanton, New Mexico 1862)Dec, 1985
Whitelocke, John Paul, Will of, 1844(of Mile End, St.Dunstan’s Stepney, Middlesex)Sep, 2001
Whitlock, John Porter(1873-1919, of Portland, Oregon)Jun, 1993
Whitlock, John Thomas, MD of Dix Il(Career chronology 1860-1918)Dec, 1999
Whitlock, John (1818-1868) of Tennessee(Married Francis Ann Richardson)Jun, 2003
Whitlock, Rev. John Wesley(1839-1912, Uncle of Brand Whitlock)Dec, 1989
Whitlock, John W. of Rising Sun, Indiana(Career chronology 1871-1935)Jun, 1999
Whitlock, Joseph, Executed 1733(robbed Col Des Romaine of Paddington)Jun, 1992
Whitlock, Joseph of Pitton, Lease 1785(Lease dated Apr.25,1785)Dec, 2002
Whitlock, Josiah of Morgan Co., Ga(Descent from Josiah & Mary (Clayburn) Whitlock)Mar, 1995
Whitlock, Josiah (1772?-1850) of NH(Married Sally Hobart)Dec, 2002
Whitlock Journal, The(by Hubert Cornish Whitlock 1837-1890)Dec, 1993
Whitelock, Joyce, will of 1755(Wife of Isaac Whitelock of Whitechapel)Sep, 1995
Whitlocks, Judith of Virginia(Several references 1810-24 - same person?)Jun, 2000
Whitlock, Judith, Author(Judith Lorraine Whitlock b.1933 Australia)Sep, 2004
Whitlock/Keeler Wedding, 1878(James S. & Laura A. (Keeler) Whitlock of NY)Dec, 2000
Whitelocke, Lancelot 1589(Will, Thirsk, Yorkshire)Sep, 1989
Whitlock, Lee(British television actor)Mar, 1989
Whitlock, Lloyd, Actor(Silent screen actor)Sep, 1991
Whitlock, Logan T.(of Surry Co., NC - Drawing)Jun, 1994
Whitlock Lumber Company(Drumheller, Alberta)Jun, 1991
Whitelock, Maisie, Mayor(of Hornchurch, Essex, Mayor of Havering)Jun, 1999
Whitlock, Margery, Will 1673(of Figheldean, Wilts)Sep, 1992
Whitlock, Mariposa Co., California(Whitlock Consolidated Mining Company 1882-1942)Mar, 2000
Whitlock, Mary Ann, Convict(re Convict Tokens - to Australia 1832)Mar, 2000
Whitelock, Mary Isabell 1916-1996 Jun, 1996
Whitlock, Meshach of Somerset(Using Settlement Records for Family History)Dec, 1999
Whitlock, Mitchel of Oregon, 1845(re Mitchell Whitlock 1822-1898)Dec, 2002
Whitelocke, Monument - Fawley, Bucks(Completion of the project to restore the 1633 monument)Sep, 2000
Whitlock Mountains of Arizona(James H. Whitlock 5th Ca Vols)Jun, 1996
Whitlock Mountains of Arizona(Map showing Whitlock Peak, Valley & Wash)Sep, 1996
Whitlock, Pamela(Author of "The Far Distant Oxus")Mar, 1989
Whitlock, Ralph 1914-1995(Author of Winterslow, Wilts)Dec, 1995
Whitlock, Reuben of New Jersey(Head of three NJ families)Sep, 1993
Whitlock, Richard, Painter-Stainer(1614-1665 died of plague)Jun, 1992
Whitlock, Richard C.(Son of James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock)Mar, 1997
Whitlock, Rob A Pioneer Boy in Old Ohio(Children’s book 1951)Mar, 2002
Whitlock Saves Rothchild(Francis Oliver Whitlocke 1868-1957)Mar, 1986
Whitlock Sheppard Connections(Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee families)Jun, 1998
Whitlock Silver, The(Whitlocks of Hungerford, Wiltshire)Jun, 1988
Whitlock, Silvia(Dutchman Creek, N.C. 1781)Sep, 1991
Whitlock, Stephen of Hound, Wilts(Married Elizabeth Kincherton 1784)Jun, 1995
Whitlock, Susannah (Webb)(Wife of Thomas W. of Halifax Co., Va)Sep, 1987
Whitlock, Tarlton, Will of 1839(of Clay Co., Missouri)Jun, 2000
Whitlock, Thomas of Barbados(will of 1688)Jun, 1992
Whitlock, Thomas of Lancaster Co., Va(1615-1659? of Rappahannock?)Dec, 1990
Whitlock, Thomas of New Jersey(emigrated from Salisbury, Wiltshire 1641)Dec, 1997
Whitlocks, Thomas of Virginia(Sorting out 3 Thomas Whitlocks born 1750-1770 in Va)Dec, 2000
Whitlock, Thomas Estate 1780(Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Virginia £58,000)Jun, 1998
Whitlock, Thomas of Wythe Co., Va(Will proved 1830, Kentucky)Jun, 1990
Whitlock, Thomas, Pensioner(Brunswick Co., Va letter 1832)Mar, 1992
Whitlock, Thomas, Deputy Sheriff(1882 Fresno, California)Jun, 2003
Whitlock Tomb, The (Sir James Whitlock (1570-1632) & wife)Sep, 1994
Whitlock, Tomb, The(Update on repairs) (See Whitelocke Monument)Sep, 1999
Whitlock Tomb - Update(Memorial at Fawley, Bucks)Jun, 1997
Whitlock Web Site(Dick Whitlock of Pretoria, South Africa)Dec, 1997
Whitlock, Wilbur S. (1874-1949)(of Kaw Twp, Kansas, U.S.A.)Sep, 1994
Whytlok, William, will 1454(of Redbourn, Hertfordshire)Sep, 1993
Whitlok, William 1520(Merchant Tailor of London)Jun, 1988
Whitlark, William of Kettering(Maltster, Inventory Dd Aug.19,1751)Mar, 1995
Whitlock, William, Counterfeiter(of Rowan Co., North Carolina)Dec, 1997
Whitlock, William & The Courts(Union Co., SC Court Minutes)Mar, 1996
Whitlock, William's Estate Sale 1809(William Whitlock of Edgefield Dist., SC)Sep, 1995
Whitlock, William, Liberty, Tx(1824 to Texas, one the "Old 300")Dec, 1992
Whitlock, William(Will of London, Pr Sep.30,1833)Mar, 1996
Whitlock, William, Naturalization Papers(1836 NY Court documents)Jun, 1993
Whitlock, William of Pitton, Wilts Soldier(Military papers 1825-1840)Sep, 1998
Whitlock, William E.'s Medal(Unclaimed West Virginia Civil War medal)Sep, 1990
Whitlock, William - Old Merchant of NYC(William & Eliza Haight (Scott) Whitlock (M1818) NY)Mar, 2002
Whitlock, Dr. William J.(Herb Medicine Specialist, Winchester, Va)Jun, 1996
Whitlock Women Patriots(Revolutionary War Patriots)Dec, 2000
Whitlock, Zalmon (1760-1798)(of Granby, Connecticut married Rachel Higley)Sep, 2003
Whitlock, Zalmon (1809-1892)(of Bethel, Connecticut married Eunice Gilbert)Mar, 2004
Whitlocks of Banbury, Oxfordshire(Will of Isaiah Shovell, 1622)Mar, 2003
Whitlocks in Bondage(Various Emigrants, 1700-1758)Dec, 1989
Whitlocks of Binham, Somerset(John Whitlock & Joan Shenton M1686)Jun, 1987
Whitlocks of Devon - 1400's(Chudleigh records 1427-1448)Dec, 1998
Whitlocks of Ealing, Middlesex(Whitlocks Pickles of New Zealand)Mar, 1998
Whitlocks of Halifax Co., Va(Re will of Lewis Wilborne 1796)Mar, 1988
Whitelocks of Leeds, Yorkshire(Restaurant in Yorkshire)Dec, 1995
Whitelocks of Leeds, Yorkshire(Whitelocks restaurant)Sep, 2002
Whitlocks of Lenox, Ma(John Whitlock, Keeler, Wilson connections)Dec, 1995
Whitlocks of Madison Co., Fla(Thomas L. & Harriet (Wardlaw) Whitlock)Jun, 1996
Whitlocks of Marietta, Ohio(by William Percival Whitlock 1936)Mar, 1999
Whitlocks of Paulerspury, Northamptonshire(Joseph & Mary Whitlock of Paulerspury)Dec, 2001
Whitlocks of Poland(Richard Whitlock of London to Prussia 1580)Dec, 2003
Whitlocks of Rowan Co., NC(1761-1800 Dutchman Creek)Dec, 1997
Whitlocks of Sweden(Descent from Richard Whitlock 1565-1624)Sep, 1986
Whitelocks of Tollcross, Glasgow(re Strathclyde’s buses)Jun, 2004
Whitlocks of Trumpington(James Whitelocke 1631-1701)Mar, 1986
Whitlocks of Victoria, B.C. 1849(William & Honor (Marks) Whitlock of London)Mar, 1999
Whitlocks of Virginia #5(Descent from Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock)Mar, 1988
Whitlocks of Warren Co., Kentucky(John & Eliza (Covington) Whitlock (M1824))Dec, 2001
Whitlocks of Winchester, Hants(1721-1822 re Bulstrode Whitelocke's family)Sep, 1997
Will Index Sep, 1986
Will Index Dec, 1986
Will Index Update Sep, 1996
Wilson, Mayme H. (Whitlock) (1927?-2002)(of Covington, Kentucky - obit)Mar, 2003
Witches in Connecticut(re Wife of John Whitlock d.1659)Jun, 1991